All about Soft-Shelled Blue Crabs


If you are looking to buy soft shelled blue crabs make sure that you look for them during the months when they are really abundant and that is during the months of May and September.  It is only during late spring and early fall that these blue crabs will be very productive and will have soft shells, and this is because these are the months when they are in their molting stage.  So during these months, there is really abundant supply of soft shelled blue crabs.

This is how these crabs get soft shells: Every crab will grow bigger and as they do so, their shells don’t and so if they are still growing, the need to shed their old tight shell so that they can grow a newer and bigger one.  In sequence, its way of discharging their old shell is to swallow water in order to dilate its body, enough to break away from its old shell.  It only take a few minutes after breaking out of its old shell before its new shell starts to grow.  Then after a few days the hardening of the new shell will begin.  We want to catch these blue crabs before their shell hardens.  The soft shelled blue crabs are thus, not another crab species but belongs to the same crab family.  It is not only these blue soft shell crab for sale that experience molting but every type of crab for that matter.

It takes effort to take meat out of a regular crab but with the soft shelled crab, eating its meat is a lot easier.  Crab meat you can always buy any time of the year, but these soft shelled crabs are not always available and they taste differently since you can eat their soft shells which gives you dish a nice crunch.  IT is important to pick the right kind of crabs from the right source so that you can eat this soft shelled blue crab which is truly a delicacy.  This is the reason why it is recommended that you buy them from a good source to get the freshest crabs.  The weight of the crab should not be lighter than 2.5 to 3 ounces.  The jumbo crab which is 4 ounces is the best.  While it is in season, you should enjoy your soft shelled blue crabs as much as you can. Get more facts about crabs at

The crabs may be prepared in an infinite number of ways.  You can either try them battered and deep-fried to a crisp, or floured and shallow-fried.  Other ways to prepare maryland crab are putting them in buns, grilling over hot coals to have that smoky aroma, or simply pan friend in olive oil.

You can also get them cleaned up before bringing them home, but it is easy to do that at home where you have better control of it being contaminated.  Another thing that you have to remember is to buy them when you intend to cook it on that same day.


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